The Local Government Grants Commission Act

provides for a Commission of four members, consisting of:

  • a Chairman appointed by the Minister;
  • the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Agency primarily responsible to the Minister for the administration of the Act, or his delegate; and
  • two members appointed by the Minister, one representing the interests of municipal councils and the other representing the interests of regional councils.

The current members of the Commission are:

  • Chairman - Dr David Ritchie
  • CEO's Delegate - Meeta Ramkumar
  • Representing Municipal Councils - Damien Ryan
  • Representing Regional Councils - vacant due to resignation
  • Deputy Representing Municipal Council - Christine Miller
  • Deputy Representing Regional Council - vacant due to resignation of main member

Administration and Staffing
The Executive Officer, Ms Donna Hadfield, and Mr Omor Robin, both of the Department of Housing and Community Development, coordinate the visitation programs and assist with the Commission's activities by providing executive support to the Commission.