Commission at Work

Painting by Cr. Francis KellyThis painting depicts the role of the Grants Commission as a transmitter of information, policy and funding recommendations. In the painting the members of the Grants Commission are depicted by the larger black horseshoe shapes. They are sitting facing the members of Local government Councils, represented by the smaller black horseshoes in the north, south, east and west directions.

As can be seen the grants Commission role is represented by two larger horseshoe shapes joined together. This representation shows the Grants Commission facing Councillors on the one hand, and the Northern Territory and Federal governments (the centre circle with the white horseshoe shape) on the other. The smaller oblong shapes between the Commission and the Governments are provided by the artist to show the movement of the commission visiting Councils and taking back reports to central government.

The larger oblong shapes between the Council groupings represents two ares of land. The upper ones depict native title boundaries, and the lower ones depicts Local Government boundaries. The background is the “country” within which all of these events take place.

Painting by Cr. Francis Kelly, Previous Member of the NT Grants Commission Account above is based on a conversation with Cr. Kelly.